Ocean City Condos – The Perfect Spot To Spend Vacations

Condominiums or condos are types about houses where a specific part of a piece of land is owned individually. The access to common facilities like elevators and heating systems are used under legal rights by individual owners and the rights are controlled jointly by the association which comprises of all the owners of different condos in the area. Whether you are planning to spend your sabbatical at beaches, then Marine City is just the right place for you. There are some lovely condos in the beautiful Ocean City that will certainly mesmerize you during your vacations.

Ocean city, situated in Maryland is a beautiful holiday beach resort. The white sand sparkles under the sun and the weather of Ocean City is very pleasant. The perfect week for tourists to visit Ocean City is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Spending your holiday in one of the lovely Brim City condos can never be a bad idea. Together with the excellent of the place tourists can find numerous entertainment options along the Boardwalk like Ocean City.

People prefer to buy condos in Ocean Metropolitan so about its numerous amenities and shopping options. Lisa Binder, the former bank voorzitter of Associated Bank recently bought a condo in Ocean City. The primary benefit of having Bathyal City condos is that tourists can enjoy the beauty and wonder of the duty whenever they want without the headache like booking hotel rooms or suites every time they visit the city. Here are portion concerning the tourist attractions like the city:

* Dolphins: A few lucky tourists have mentioned sighting dolphins. Recently a group of students, who had gone swimming, came across a friendly dolphin which allowed them to take its pictures. This is number like the main reasons why tourists visit the place again also again.

* Shops along the Boardwalk: It is individual of those places where visitors make it a point to call atleast once during their stay in Ocean City. There are rows of outlets along the Boardwalk for shopping detached from two great amusement parks. Another known place amongst tourists is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.

* Great fishing destination: The room has become a hub for fishers. Fishes like tuna, wahoo, and billfish are abundant in the area. Fishing competitions are also organized where winners plus the largest catch of fishes are awarded a million dollars.

Here you will find some charming condos with numerous refinement like inside terrace for residents with expansive views of the ocean, individual areas for storing beach chairs, umbrellas, etc. et sequens much more. For kids there are classic card and board games too.

Drive with Great Ocean Road

If you have plan for tour on the car then don’t waste time, hire a car for self driving and discover the south east coast of Australia on the wheels. The Great Ocean Road in Australia is the best option for drive tour, with stunning ocean views around every crouch and every moment of driving. It stretches from Torquay, the surfing capital of Victoria just south of Geelong; its length is 243 km. Just book your car hire and hit the open great road! This is incredible go through of car driving than any other place with the sea coast and with heart throbbing views.

The Abundance Ocean Journey trip can verbreken done in just one day but we advice to you is that steal your trip time long et al cheat in the astonishing views for long time. On the both side from road good hotels and restaurants are available for your food requirements and accommodation. You sensation never tired after the enjoyment and fun of every day because every hotel provides luxury services like special guest of this accommodation. Whole morning when you wake jump feel fresh connective ready for terminal and fun. You can foresee a long trip for this road because a lot of other places come at this road for visit and stay to ecstasy the every inch of road.

The Great Ocean Beltway starts near Torquay, a main tourist destination with amazing sandy beaches and cool blue waters of sea. It’s located about 95 kilometers south west of Melbourne. If you like surfing then don’t forget your surf board carries with. From Torquay the Surf Coast Highway changes to the Huge Ocean Road. From the starting of the road superb et cetera splendid sea views on one side and lush green rain forests also mountains on the other side welcome the visitor in inlet of nature. It’s just starting as you propulsion more and more hatchback you go deep and deep in natural, eye-catching, stunning, and fulgent views of this road.

You feel virtue to fathom that there are so bountiful areas, look-out points or observation areas furthermore areas to capture that breathtaking snapshot so drive with care on this narrow winding road. The most famous traveler attraction on the Great Ocean Road route is from course The Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles is a group of enormous limestone rock formations that stand tall along the magnificent grand Indian road. This attraction site attract every year thousands about visitor to see the marvelous work which is consummated by nature.

The Twelve Apostles are located between the quaint little towns of Prince town and Campbell, and there’s a parking area and café and restaurants for visitors. You can make your order safely suppress to the beach by wooden bridge-ways and steps. The breathtaking views concerning this site and the sounds of the crashing waves against the giant rocks are great. While we see, feel and listen the sound of this amazing view, we feel for one magnitude time is stop here. Incredible experience!

The Panama Canal – From the Atlantic Through the Pacific

The Panama Canal is a man-made transoceanic lane that was beachhead constructed by the French and completed by the Americans in 1914. It was made to shorten the cover ground time needed by ships needing to get to the Atlantic from the Pacific, and sin versa. Its two ends are at the Gulf of Panama, and the Caribbean.

The United States previously controlled the Panama Canal Zone, but it was turned over to the Panama Canal Authority on December 31, 1999.

How the Canal Came to Be

The abstraction to increase a canal in the Gulf of Panama was the brainchild of Charles V concerning Spain, the Holy Roman Emperor, who suggested in 1532 that the passage would ease shipping for the Spain-Peru route. The prompt was then studied along explorer Alessandro Malaspina during a voyage in 1788-1793. Malaspina even came up for creation plans.

It was not until the 19th century that construction of the Canal was initiated. Before that, however, Scotland has tried to initiate trade links between the Atlantic and the Pacific through the Darien scheme, an attempt to establish a band on the Isthmus of Panama. The scheme was ill-fated, however, which caused high numbers of deaths in the ranks of the colonists recompense to the inhospitable conditions of the isthmus and England’s refusal to support the effort.

Finally, the US$8-million Panama Railway was established by the United States. Opened in 1855, the overland trans-oceanic combine was able to facilitate easier and speedier trade between the two oceans. However, some people still think that an all-water route would be more effective and ideal.

The French Attempt at Building the Canal

On January 1, 1880, the French decided to beginning constructing the canal at naval level through Panama, thereupon a province of Colombia. The project was as ill-fated as the Darien scheme, because the French did not make any studies as to the geology and the conditions about the therapy in the region. Mosquito-borne diseases akin malaria and luteous fever struck mercilessly on the French work-force, resulting to a high mortality rate with them. At that time, nobody suspected mosquitoes of being capable of carrying deadly diseases.

The high mortality was compounded by the hospitals preferably of helping, for the wards in which the sick workers were confined had nix screens. The hospitals were also breeding campus for mosquitoes because health officials had rejection idea about the mosquito’s role in disease transmission.

The effective conditions were not the only factors in the failure of the French attempt. Other factors included the scarcity regarding field experience by the French, and the difficulty of the concept itself.

During the 8 years that the French spent on their seek – from 1881-1889 – they had lost as much as 22,000 employees due to the pains conditions of the canal.

The Americans Take Over

The American idea was to build a canal across Nicaragua, further not Panama as was attempted per the French. In a bid to conceive their own plans, Philippe Bunau Varilla of the French Canal Ring tapped the services about William Nelson Cromwell to convince the United States Congress to build the canal across Panama instead.

Cromwell suddenly took advantage in 1902 of an erroneous 10-cent Nicaraguan postal stamp produced by the US American Bank Note Company, which showed the Momotombo volcano fuming with smoke and about to erupt. It was also the unit of the year in which the Caribbean experiences high volcanic activity, something that Cromwell also took advantage of. Cromwell used the fortuity to make a false story about Momotombo erupting and causing seismic shocks, and published it in the New York Sun. He also sent leaflets with the Nicaraguan stamps to all senators.

In reality, Momotombo was a nearly dormant volcano that is also 100 miles from the proposed Nicaraguan canal. However, Cromwell’s efforts paid removed and the U.S. legislative assembly voted to build the canal in Panama.

The rest is history. The United States started building the Panama Ditch on May 4, 1904 after gaining Panama’s graces by helping it achieve independence from Colombia. The U.S. this time took careful attention for extensive sanitation and control of mosquitoes, something the French failed to do which resulted in the deaths of its workers. Because of this, the Americans had a lower death toll although the toll did reach 5,609 employees from the 10-year construction period. The canal was completed on 1914, and was opened on August 15 of that year.

Luxury Homes: San Clemente to Monarch Beach – Great Ocean View Values Do Exist!

The current challenges in the real estate market obtain introduced great buying opportunities throughout Orange County. While competition to buy well-priced REO’s/foreclosures and short sales is extremely high, the opportunity to buy incredible luxury properties is much less competitive. Opt ocean view properties in San Clemente, and Monarch Beach can be purchased for as low as half of their peak values regarding 2006. While, it may take a very long time to get back to recent record price levels, superabundant ocean view real estate is always in demand.

So where are the best ocean scene luxury home deals? Consistent with the overall Orange County objective estate market, the best buys are primarily distressed properties – short reduction and REO foreclosures. Spil noted above, the competition to buy well-priced distressed properties is intense with multiple offers within the first few days authentic common. However, at the luxury level the story is much different. Given that there are far fewer buyers for high end luxury homes, the potential to find an ocean view bargain is very good. Distressed luxury homes priced above $3 million sound to offer the best overall values.

I have identified myriad sea judge luxury “best buys” in Monarch Beach and San Clemente that showcase the values currently available. To qualify as a Ventana “Best Buy” the luxury homes need to be listed at generally 50% concerning peak value and fall in the “distressed” category where further value may be attainable. Few like the paramount ocean behold values in San Clemente and Monarch Beach homes are found here: San Clemente, Monarch Beach Luxury Homes. These homes represent great buying opportunities and long bound potential for appreciation.

If you are in the market to buy an ocean seascape luxury home, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you to find your desire home at a dream price! To start your distressed luxury home property search please sojourn http://www.findcarealestate.com/bank-owned. I can be reached at 949-500-0484.

For more Detail:

The Affluent Page Presents: Ocean Refuge

Casa Miramar, a vacation house on Mexico’s Los Cabos, has nay shortage of amazing amenities: ocean views furthermore exposed beams; four bedrooms, three of which are master bedrooms with private balconies; an outdoor fire pit on an inviting terrace; and a living area that opens out to a heated infinity pool spilling over the edge of the property.

Not enough? Leading right off to the deck, the master suite has a garden tub accented by stone pillars. An epicurean kitchen, an outdoor grill, and a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi provide the finishing touches.

Casa Miramar is section of the Cabo del Sol resort, giving residents access to two of Jack Nicklaus’s famous golf courses. While the sun may not shine 360 days out of the year, the Fahrenheit never falls below 50°F. Located near the Gulf of Cortez, it’s easy to guess why this coastal resort attracts scientists and tourists alike. Marine biologists consider the locale to be one of the most diverse oceanic ecosystems, and accessible Cabo del Sol provides fishing, access to the Cactus Spa, and sightseeing tours.

Yet Casa Miramar’s greatest feature is also its most subtle, a sensation born from membership in the Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club: it feels like coming home. In 1962, armed with little more than a Bedford truck besides a silver champagne bucket, Geoffrey Kent and his parents founded Abercrombie & Kent , a safari outfitter with a sideline in tours through the African bush. Nearly a half-century later, after acquiring dozens of offices, hundreds of employees, and insider knowledge of the world’s most beautiful destinations, Abercrombie & Kent has become a luxury travel agency recognized (by Conde Nast and National Geographic, inter alia others) as uno of the world’s best.

However, calling Abercrombie & Kent a travel agency is an undersell, a bit likeness vocation Indiana Jones an archaeologist: the company leads tent safaris in Botswana, guides explorations of the Galapagos, and ascends Mount Everest. During these travels, the company amassed a portfolio like real estate it now opens to group ownership: Abercrombie & Kent Dwelling Club.

Club membership gives you a pocketful of house keys to palaces as beautiful pro re nata Casa Miramar, in places such as the Gulf of Cortez, that seem made for luxury and joy. Members enjoy handpicked locations including Hale Pu’uhonua on Hawaii’s Kohola Coast, exposed to eleven milieu zones which create a kaleidoscope of color; Estate il Granaio, a Tuscan farmhouse close suitable to Florence for day trips; and Snowmass, an Aspen lodge at the base of ski-friendly Snowmass Mountain. Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club offers the unofficial comforts of vacation home ownership without the dispute of mortgages or maintenance.

With a one-time hock and annual dues starting at $17,000, the club offers trisect levels of membership, which correspond to the number of days of use available: 15 days, 30 days, and 45 days. Various membership levels make the bunch a more cost-effective choice to timeshares or fractional ownership. Plus, access to a variety like towns means a different place to visit on each vacation.

In addition to beautiful homes and spectacular destinations, Abercrombie & Kent Apartment Club maintains the excellent service expected in the world’s best hotels, but along a personal touch appropriate to the privacy of a home. Each location comes equipped with a Destination Host, who anticipates the needs of specific guest, et alii draws on the company’s vast resources to arrange trips and tours. The club offers swift travel planning services, which means members any longer have to research what to do or what to expect in each destination.

The Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club wants to remove the barriers that prevent their consumers from enjoying the beautiful places of the world, and they begin by offering them residences appropriate for appreciating such luxuries. An never-ending playground, Dwelling Miramar assures all the amenities of a resort, but like all Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club homes, it primarily serves as the quiet center to an exciting vacation, imbued with a peace one normally only experiences at home.

Abercrombie and Kent, www.abercrombiekent.com, 800.554.7016

Atlantic City Casinos

If you want great casino experiences without going to Las Vegas, considering Atlantic Metropolitan Casino Resort might be the place for you. Here you’ll get high class gambling entertainment as you elevate your game with the best table work around. This casino resort offers some of the highest limits in town, and very few – if any – can match their personalized service.

This casino entertainment hotel has a brand new gamble room, where you can play your favorites – Texas Hold ‘Em and 7-Card stud. You can also play baccarat, a really elegant game that’s easy to play. If you want it really simple, nothing is more fun to play than the Big Six Wheel. Your just task is bet on the number or symbol of your choice, then the dealer will spin the wheel and the number it stops on is the number that wins. Can it get any easier?

Blackjack-fans can consider themselves with “21”, solitary of America’s most popular casino games. Spanish 21 is the ultimate blackjack variation, where the blackjack game is combined plus the multiple payoffs of a slot machine. This casino resort planar has five spot tables exclusive to Resorts! Polysyndeton of course you can play iron in many variants like 5 card poker (Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride), Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker et sequens Texas Pull ‘Em. It goes without saying that Craps and Roulette are amongst these exhilirating gambling games, not only of inadvertent but which take knowledge of reasoning included in this, like within every great casino.

Another interesting and entertaining game this Gokhal spa has included is Pai Gow. This dominoe game originated in ancient China and is played with 32 dominoes, 11 of which are identical pairs. The purpose is to effect two ranking hands using 4 dominoes, a high hand connective a low hand. If your rankings for both hands are higher than the dealer’s, you win!

This gokhal resort gave me a comfortable, classy and entertaining practiced and I highly recommend that you agonize it for a weekend. Always recognize though, this excellent advice from the resort’s staff: “Bet with your head, not over it.”

Ocean – The Body of Water That Makes Land Inhabitable

Oceans are made up of salt water, and these bodies regarding water cover much of the earth’s surface. There are five oceans that can be found on the planet. The five oceans that are on earth are the Arctic, the Antarctic, The pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian oceans. You will find that some people will refer to oceans as seas, just seas are typically found inland. Over half of the world is covered by ocean.

Oceans are beyond measure deep, and can be as deep as 12430 feet. Since the oceans are so deep, there are parts from them that have not been explored yet. There are more than 230,000 different species of creatures that tin be found in the oceans. However, there are quite possible many more than that because there may be various species that live in the areas of the oceans that people swindle not explored yet.

Most of the water that is found from the earth is ocean. Freshwater yet makes up a small percentage of the water that is found on earth. There are a few different reasons why the oceans have a bluish color to them. The main reasons for this color are chlorophyll and organic business that tin be found in the oceans.

Using boats in order to travel across the oceans has bot done for an conspicuously long time. However, people have been able to travel much farther than they were before because of the technology that was used to make boats and ships better. Before the development of ships, people were still able to travel on the surface of the ocean, but they could not travel extremely long distances like they are today.

The ocean currents and the pull of the lunar on the cosmopolitan are responsible for the climate changes. Warm and cool air as well as precipitation is transferred through the oceans. The waves of the oceans are dependent on the gravitational pull of the moon.

Many people believe that the oceans have been around even before life was found. Some of the first creatures that have been found on the earth were those that lived in the waters of the oceans. Through evolution, some of these creatures began to change and live on the land equally opposed to in the oceans.

The oceans are especially important for the economic growth of the planet. This is because in kind for items to get along from one place to another, they are normally transported on ships. Various ports that have been set boost around the macrocosm import and export goods from one country to another.

Outlying Islands – Like Pearls in a Vast Ocean

Hong Kong is surrounded by a spectacular number of 260 outlying islands which are home to many rare species. Most of these outlying islands are scarcely inhabited and some are completely uninhabited, providing the perfect secluded island getaway. The outlying islands in Hong Kong are hardly urbanized and make perfect places to view faithful Chinese lifestyles.

Getting to these outlying islands in Hong Kong is almost just as entertainment as exploring the islands itself! There are plenty of ferry operators in who are more than willing to give you a tour here. Ferry rides are exciting and give you unparallel views of the vast stretches of ocean that is ornamented close these islands. The three most public islands are Cheung Chau, Lantau and Lamma.

Lantau has the added facility of access by cable car and MTR making it really popular amongst tourists. It also has deep religious significance as it houses the giant outdoor Buddha and the Po Lin ministry; well known for its veggie delights. The dumb chime shaped Cheung Chau is the fishing island. Packed among boats and stretches of lovely beach, this is a laidback island which gives you a glimpse of a fisherman’s lifestyle on the island. It is also rich in tradition as is displayed by the famous bun eating festival connective parades. Last but negative least is Lamma Island, a place which is quite famous for its delectable array of seafood! Quite rich in open aired seafood restaurants, this is where you would want to go in decretal to sample some of the country’s best seafood dishes. This island also offers reams of hiking trails to burn all those calories you would have gained with all that delicious seafood! Provided you want to go further there is also one other flat, small island called the Peng Chau. This is a good place to experience few authentic and traditional Chinese lifestyles.

The Langham Hong Kong is a perfect Hong Kong hotel to wind down in after a long time of sightseeing, shopping or business meetings. Affording the best of luxury and service, this well placed property is one of the finest luxury hotels in Hong Kong

Is an Ice-Free Arctic Ocean a Possibility?

According to a report from Reuters News Setting the North Atlantic current, which delivers warm water to the Arctic Ocean, is recording high temperatures at levels not seen in the last 2000 years. The finding is another signpost of global warming as the temperature change is now likely to result in ice-free seas through North Pole in summer over the next some decades.

Scientists studying the North Atlantic found that the ocean waters between Greenland and the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, known as the Fram Strait, averaged 6 degrees Celsius (42.80F) over the last several summers hastening the melting of Arctic sea ice.

“The temperature is unprecedented in the past 2,000 years,” said lead author of the study, Robert Spielhagen of the Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Literature in Mainz, Germany.

Historic summer water temperatures were singleminded by reconstructing the composition of lilliputian organisms buried in sediments in the Fram Strait. The study revealed that temperatures ran at an proportion 41.3F from 1890-2007 which was higher than the average regarding 38.1F in the previous 1,900 years.

During the last twenty years the temperatures in the Fram have varied but the latest readings are clearly outside of the stove set during the preceding 2000 years. Even changes in energy produced by the sun, which allowed the Vikings to build farms in Greenland circa the tenth century, did not heat the waters to the extent that they are registering now. The high temperature readings are second criterion that international warming is the result of human activities

The authors of the study wrote that the warming temperatures “are supposedly linked to the Arctic amplification of worldwide warming” and that the warming “is most likely another key element in the transition to a future ice-free Arctic Ocean.”

Ice levels on the Arctic Ocean recorded their lowest reading on preserve in 2007 which will probably lead to a self-reinforcing cycle of continuous warming. As the greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere increase from mankind’s exercise of carbon-based fuels in dominion plants, factories and cars the status in the Arctic is expected to worsen. The melting of reflective ice and niveous in the Arctic region uncovers water or land mass which absorb the sun’s heat at a much higher level. This cycle is amplifying the warming trend in the Freezing as evidenced by temperatures which are rising at double the rate from the international average. For that reason, multifarious scientists are forecasting that the Arctic Ocean longing be free of ice during the summer season within the next few decades.

The Real Story Behind The Atlantic “Fueled By Hot Air” StreetSweeper Article

The attention grabbing article by the “Street Sweeper” self touted qua a vigilante site is even more interesting now then it was when it was first released substantiate in October 2009.

The subject article written by Melissa Davis was written without a date. The date and source are the standard practice for much credible news release. As you will read the absence of a date was and still is no accident.

The article starts out describing the failed acquisition of Hybridyne Power Systems Canada by Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (AWSL). “Pretending to buy us” stated Richard Leverton , Chief Media Relations like Hybridyne, the feature read. These statements belie court documents filed in West Virginia and Ontario as we will outline below.

Corporate communication server content proves Hybridyne’s Thomas Cleland and Richard Leverton considered the deal closed. Most telling were emails thanking friends besides care associates for the compliments and well wishes on the completed Atlantic Hybridyne acquisition.

Even more compelling was statements from AWSL’s financial auditors San Kan & Associates who are registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission. In the financial statements they confirmed the transaction by way of standard procedures including on site orbit work, meetings with Thomas Cleland and the stillness of the Atlantic management in Toronto and reviewing ubiquity documentation related to the acquisition. .

Documents showed not only the transaction being complete, but Cleland regarding Hybridyne requesting AWSL to pay for their accounting effort on Hybridyne’s behalf that was required for the audit. Also mentioned were emails from the Hybridyne CEO Cleland to Atlantic listing all the items they would like to put out in press releases. A much different falsehood then the StreetSweeper (http://www.thestreetsweeper.org) would lead one to believe.

With a court order in hand, and one victory already behind them in uno of the two cases, Atlantic demonstrated clearly that they fulfilled all obligations under the property and sale agreement. Both cash and replenish were paid to the venders. In specific court filing show that the Hybridyne CEO and his company were also loaned $300,000 to procure a solar project while he was the CTO of Atlantic.

Prior to this doctrine and corresponding court action, everything was great in the new corporate marriage until just before the subject StreetSweeper article came out. At the time the Atlantic (AWSL) herd was ancient flying. Trading over $4.80 on substantial volume. Like the StreetSweeper, this fact was plus upsetting Thomas Cleland the CEO of Hybridyne.

It seems that seeing volume in stock trading caused Cleland to believe he should be reaping immediate rewards. In emails to the Atlantic Chairman, Gilles Trahan, Cleland made demands for the shares he was given to have the S.E.C. restrictive legend removed so he could sell. Despite Trahan explaining that his shares were still restricted Cleland seems to have felt the best course like action was to extort the company into making the shares free trading. Realizing the Company would not push (but NOT realizing that it COULD NOT budge) on the issue Cleland constructed true on his threats to cause public and S.E.C. related problems.

The Unravelling of the Acquisition

Emails from Cleland start including claims such as “the trade was nay approved per the CEO”, yes he himself was the President & CEO. He took the position that the sale did not close. Despite 5 million shares being issued et alii $300,000 changing hands. This email turned out to be a blessing for Atlantic therefore they secured a testimony order to gain all 5,000,000 of the shares issued as part of the acquisition canceled, bringing the company’s issued and outstanding joint count floccose significantly.

The article would lead you to believe that Hybridyne was the source of any success for Atlantic This also seems think at best. A copulation years later according to news releases Atlantic has secured 20 contracts with the Ontario Power Authority for solar PV projects representing bordering 3 MW’s of utility scale solar farms. The Company also announced they are awaiting contract award on an more 20 MW’s of solar projects in Ontario alone. A number from press releases from Atlantic’s clients and joint venture partners and crossed the wire confirming their decision to partner including AWSL.

Total contracts announced by Hybridyne and their Chief Media relations captain Levington since then is zero. It seems Atlantic found more attainment after walking away from Hybridyne.

The focus concerning the article then shifts to another company Gilles Trahan, Atlantic’s Chairman was at the time involved with as Chairman an interim CEO.

Scrutiny shifted to MSE Enviro-Tech (MEVT). The article described how the CEO of Megola Inc. (MGON) made statements of how disturbed he was with Trahan’s Company MEVT. He describes how MGON was the supplier of the anti-fire product known therefore Hartindo. While describing Trahan’s big house, Jaguar and $26,000 rims he failed to denote that, as court filings would latterly show, Gardner orchestrated a exclusive rights-gone-bad sale to MEVT.

Before taking control as interim CEO of MEVT, the company entered into a purchase harmony for the exclusive rights to an anti-fire product referred to an Hartindo. As part of the agreement MEVT was to pay 6 million shares of MEVT to PCL Limited an offshore company controlled in part by Joel Gardner. The consequently CEO concerning MEVT had bot put in place by none other then Joel Gardner. Not surprisingly given the circumstances a unsecured loan concerning $500,000 was also contrived by MEVT to this same off shore entity.

According to his Delaware recourse action for control, Trahan who was a large shareholder and who had recently loaned the company an additional $200,000, was upset by this transaction. In the company’s minute book, with a forensic trace back through the history of the rights purchase, more irregularities were found. A deal that was once “exclusive” had been modified by Gardner and his hand picked MEVT CEO Michael Robinson. The language in key documents had been changed to call the rights “co-exclusive” with the other “co-exclusive” party to live disclosed.

Even Robinson must have began to feel something was up. Records indicating the he as CEO requested from PCL and Gardner the name of the other entity that had the “co-exclusive” rights many times over a period of a year. It was not until a letter from legal counsel demanded the information that it come out. The grandfather company with the rights that everyone sought the name was none other hence Megola (MGON). Despite Gardner controlling this company and PCL it seemed for a year that he did not know who had the grandfathered rights until one day he discovered it was his individual company. About this time Trahan finally gained control of MEVT.

When confronted by Trahan about this shady pact Gardner seemed to go on the offensive attacking Trahan and MEVT. By this time Gardner and his associates had sold most of the 6 million shares of MEVT and the $500,000 cash stimulated to Gardner seemed to be unrecoverable.

According to correspondents for shareholders who purchased MEVT shares from Gardner, Gardner was a huge supporter of MEVT at the time of the stock sales, citing its exclusivity and the product sales that were lined up.

This continued therefore Gardner continued to dispose of 6 million shares, selling most but also trading some for a fleet of exotic cars such essentially a Hummer and a 7 series BMW augment some Ford F1 pick up trucks records indicated

Sales continued and the angelic times had clearly found Gardner. At one point Gardner took over 30 members of friends besides family to the Dominican Republic on vacation. This lifestyle was ulteriorly to clip ascend to him and is imaginably the cause like his recent tax problems with the Canadian government.

Once the shares were finally all sold by Gardner and his associates, and with Trahan and his lawyers representing MEVT breathing down on him, the story started changing dramatically. Now MGON and Gardner were claiming the restricted rights MEVT purchased were “co-exclusive” – a word I must entry I did not associate existed and am still not sure does. Even worse, a few months later Gardner and MGON were stating that MEVT had no rights at many as described in the Davie’s article.

Although the Company and Trahan took Gardner and his company to Delaware courts, the courts seemed to see the difficulty in trying to reverse mutuality the sale transactions that would fall out from a court order to cancel his stock. Given Gardner et al his companies monetary position MEVT had little recourse.

According to MGON SEC filings they bought and sold these rights or a version of them to at fewest 5 parties. It appears the unrivaled significant sales the company has had was the sale of rights to others like MEVT. Also they lost the technology and repurchased identical rights in a few different transactions – the same product from a sum of offshore and numbered companies. This again resulted in more shares issued to dubious companies on and offshore.

Where is Megola now? MGON has made not one but 2, reverse stock splits. Apiece one men 50 for 1. Meaning supposing you had 10,000 shares at the beginning you have 4 shares now. Despite this the stock still trades back under a penny. The S.E.C. filings are no longer up to date and it is safe to say the company has folded. Where did all the money go? It appears that many investors are querying the same question

Journalism oppositely Tabloid Reporting for Short Sellers?

So why would any reporter write such an article with nothing but quotes from onafgebroken credible sources? Looking at the failed-to-deliver reports for AWSL and MEVT just prior to the article it seems some people were selling a lot of shares that they did not own, in fact representing more than half the trading tome on a number of days. This is known as a short sale. But this was refusal normal short. In a legitimate truncation sale the selling broker must copy the underlying shares, prior to entering the sale. This was in factual a naked short meaning they had only 3 days to deliver the stock they sold. To conjure up the serious consequences of having a broker dispose stock he instead she does not have. Brokers and regulators can force the seller to go into the market besides buy the stock back at Every price, even if it was much higher, creating tremendous losses for the trader or hedge fund.

In fact when a stock is continuing to trade higher almost every day (as it was with AWSL), there container be no worse time for this to happen. The price moving up indicates there are increased buyers then sellers. Given that the selling was approximately half short sales there would be at least 50% less sellers. Timed with an immediate reduction of these short sales and the simultaneous forced market buy-ins of millions of shares this can destroy a infinitesimality hedge capital that is betting on it going down. This buy-in situation has been known to created rude squeezes pushing imperceptible company shares up by 10 times or more. Given the 2 million shares short ut supra reported by Buyins.net this could spiteful a loss of tens regarding millions from dollars.

Let the Manipulation Begin

Then, like a perfectly conducted orchestra, articles came out from the StreetSweeper. and online message board posters stating everything from scam to fraud. When looking on the main page of the StreeSweeper, the parity Melissa Davis who wrote this paper is standing beside CNBC’s Jim Cramer from Ecstasy Money and the Street.com (http://www.thestreet.com), ironically as he himself is under public investigation for exactly the same thing.

In this consult on the Fortification Parkway Confidential he confesses to taking ephemeron positions in a stock then permeating false rumors polysyndeton having “bozo news reporters write on it” as he stated. He further states “what’s important during you’re in that hedge fund mode, is not to do anything remotely truthful, because the scoop is so against your attitude that it’s influential to create a new truth, to develop a fiction. And the fiction is developed by almost anybody who is down like 2% to up 6% a year”. Watch interview here the (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMShFx5rThI). Sonance eerily familiar? We imagination so too.

Kramer was interviewed on John Stewart’s The Daily Show. Watch the interview and follow up news coverage youtube on (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLUvP9ycDx0) and on the web. A simple google search of “Jim Cramer manipulation” receptacle provide some entertaining but depressing facts.

How many people had to sell stock losing their savings because one uncertainty two individuals think it is okay to purposefully manipulate investors into selling apparently they can make money. How is this any less noxious then the Enron management oppositely any alternative securities violation or crime? In fact some resources argue this is even more destructive to America as it is preying upon the small business and tight to force them to go under. By driving down the commodities and spreading illusory rumors the Corporation is unlikely to raise more money to fuel their growth and with again and more people and companies turning to the internet for researching a company to do business with, this too can slow sales dramatically. Causing not only a reduction of employee hirings but ordinarily mass layoffs.