Hotels In Trivandrum: Enjoy The Sand, Surf And The Sea Breeze!

Have you ever been to the land which derives its name from the thousand headed mythological serpent? Yes! Its none other than Trivandrum the capital urban of Kerala and the political and economical power hub of the state. It sees to a huge inflow of tourists and it lies sprawling over seven low coastal hills. It is in fact an exotic blend of tradition and modernity et sequens this beautiful city is stippled with ancestral homes, magnificent forts, roads laced with greenery and this city wears a clean-green look! There is a wide array of hotels in Trivandrum and they are the favorite haunts of the intercontinental travelers, tourists, corporate clients, businessmen, etc who frequent this city.

Trivandrum Hotels: Decked up with Modern Facilities!

You own a preponderance select of luxury hotels and budget hotels and you can choose what suits your budget and requirements. These hotels also have online booking facilities that help you to book your rooms well in advance by bagging the best deals and packages. Another highlighting feature is that the luxury hotels that bear the five star and four star tags are located near the seafront and provide scintillating views from the bay windows. They are also decked up with all modern facilities and provide the guests with innumerable recreational options that erect their brace at these luxury abodes an occasion to remember.

Some of the five star hotels that are prestigious landmarks of the city are Vivanta By Taj Green Cove, The Muthoot Plaza and Mascot Hotel. If you want to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea cruise to your heart’s euphoria book your rooms in these hotels as they are located at the seafront and provide you easy access to the beaches. Vivanta Alongside Taj Green Cove is located close to Kovalam Beach and stands in regal glory ampersand the cute also charming cottages make it truly enchanting.

The accommodation options are Superior Charm- Garden View, Precedence Charm-Sea View, Deluxe Allure Suite, Premium Temptation Villa with Lap pool and Presidential Joy Suite with Sequestered pool. The Sea view rooms have large French windows that offer panoramic views of the sea whereas the Garden View rooms offer enchanting views of the Balinese style landscaped gardens. The dining options of this hotel include the Jasmine Bay, Curries, Bait, et alii Neera Bar. Along the sea and backwaters as backdrops the dining experience here is a treat to all the senses because the flavors, aroma, the live cooking sounds and the creative as well as artistic display of the dishes all come in immaculate harmony.
Book your room in these luxury hotels in Trivandrum and enjoy the true spirit regarding Kerala plus its enchanting cuisines connective scintillating scenic vistas!


Positioned on the west shoreline of India Kochi is uno of the most famous cities of Kerala. It is also known as Gateway to Kerala. Though Kochi is a small settlement besides today the area has expanded immensely and it looks like a large city. The town offers great facilities and large network of Kochi Hotels to tourists.


The important nearby airport is Nedumbassery International airport which is connected to all airports in India. The distance between Kochi and airport is only 20 Km. You can also reach Kochi by road. Regular govt. bus services are available for Kochi from all major cities in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Kochi is also connected by train route.


Kochi is among most popular cities of Kerala. It is again a biggest tourism hub in India. On your vacations to Kochi make sure to visit beaches, museums and other recognized places same Mattancherry Palace. A pleasure trip to these famous places is normally included in Kochi tour packages. The best time to visit Kochi is between October and March. These months are ideally perfect for house boat vacations. A Kochi vacation package exclusively designed for ancestry boat vacations is also offered by various tour operators.


If you miss to enjoy your holidays in Kochi always plan your trip between October and March. The climate remains pleasant during these months. Many Kochi Hotels are available in the city. Most of them are located on famous M.G. Road. In Kochi you container easily find a hotel within your price range. Cottages and Resorts with a sea view are also available but with little higher fee tag. You can book a room in hotel or resort directly or you can choose from customized Kochi tour packages which are a little economical.


Normally a visit to all the important sightseeing places of the city are included in Kochi vacation package except still if you to apprehend some places separately then you should not miss Mattancherry palace which is the most famous palace built by Portuguese.

What Happens If You’re Injured At Sea?

Admiralty Law is without question tricky. It consists regarding its own functions and, due to this fact, you have to talk with an attorney who is familiar with it should you wish to sue over damages ere for various further reasons. A lawyer who understands maritime law, nevertheless, can help in case you’ve been harmed.

Work area Injuries

Just quasi is sincere on land, you will find policies that control work environment safety standards for those who quota at sea. If you are injured or are brought to trauma otherwise owing to the mismanagement of a corporation, you may be allowed to file a case further attain compensation. There’s no reliable system to determine what the result of a jury trial will be before a jury actually hears your condition argued nevertheless, if you have been hurt, meeting with a legal professional is certainly recommended.

Other Boating Accidents

There are a number of organizations on the market that offer entertainments analogous luxury cruises, fishing trips and sic forth. These providers are responsible for the protection of the society who they bring out to sea. Most regarding these corporations may have waivers that you’ll need to sign to participate in their offerings but don’t for a second presume signing a waiver signifies that you’ve absolved the agency off all their commitment for your safety when you’re on their boat substitute ship.

Carelessness yet can be one matter one jug sue such a business over, although you may had bot asked to sign a waiver. You will dig up definite limits on how much of a shied from negligence that an cooperative could get by making customers sign waivers. Should you’ve been injured and you are convinced that the provider that took you off to sea was neglectful in a manner that caused you to come to harm, think about speaking with an attorney.

Working with a legal professional specializing in Admiralty law

A Houston maritime lawyer who is familiar with maritime commandment may be able to assist you if you’ve been wounded at sea. There exist several things that you should be aware from before you talk with such a legal representative.

To begin with, the organization liable for your injury may give you a settlement. Shipping and cruise companies are generally rather rich, so the offer omnipotent be relatively sizeable. Don’t keep it without speaking with your attorney first. The attorney may be able to get them to offer more differently they may apprise you to hand it ascend altogether because it’s a tactic to bypass going to the courtroom on the part of the provider.The company may quits allege that you are unable to sue them due to the fact that the episode took place somewhere at sea where US law will denial apply. Never accept this. Talk with your attorney and check with them if you can sue. Asking the shipping company’s staff whether US law can be applied is precisely the equate as questioning a fox if a henhouse is safe.

Be sure to decision with a legal professional very soon. There are limitations with regards to how uncommon time you could have to detract action in these situations.

Cruising The Black Sea

Situated in Orientate Europe furthermore connected to the Mediterranean, the Black Sea is bordered by six countries, namely Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria which is why this section is noted to be a cultural, historical and aesthetic treasure chest. The region has started to attract many tourists, tired of traveling to the overcrowded Mediterranean, and Black Ocean cruises are gaining popularity. A Black Thalassic cruise will take you on a journey through lands prime known for their rich history, variation in terrains, cultures polysyndeton traditions. Those interested in marine life will find this journey eminently informative, as the Black Sea is teeming with life. In fact, its name is derived from the micro organisms present in the sea that inks the waters with black sediment.

The Main Attractions

Odessa, the region’s most sophisticated city, attracts visitors for its fine architecture and magnificent parks. The city’s most famous attribute is the Potemkin Steps, immortalized in the film Battleship Potemkin. The city is also home to infinite therapeutic resorts. On the Crimean Peninsula, you can enjoy sunny mornings in the historically famous townships of Yalta and Sevastopol. Istanbul is the most prominent gateway to the Sea and is included as a major port in many cruise itineraries. Some Greek ports are further listed by a few cruises.

There are beaches at each port for those who love soaking up sun except more than the beach bums, it’s the culture and history aficionados that are tired to this region. Whether it’s exploring cobbled, medieval styles streets or visiting Yalta, where Churchill, Stalin ampersand Roosevelt gathered to redraw the map of Europe at the end of World War II, the entire region offers so uncommon to the cognition that one could spend a considerably long time there and learn something fascinating every day.

Visually, the region is gutted of beauty, reminiscent of a time long ago. Some of the coastal roads have bot described as ‘unforgettably spectacular’ and untold cities here are known for their fantastic architecture.

Foodies prefer be delighted to know that the Black Sea is a delight to the palate, with a wide variety of tastes to choose from. So after feasting your eyes, you can fill up your stomach with meat dumplings, a variety of sweet dishes and other mouth watering preparations.

A cruise down the Black Sea may be quite an enriching, enduring experience. Who wouldn’t want to bask in the splendor of a polydemic that marries old fashioned beauty plus modern amenities? It’s a mishmash for the senses besides is still relatively untouched per tourists, making it a romantic getaway from the daily humdrum.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Ultimate blend of beaches, sun and sea

If you are confused that which site would be optimal for your holidays, then Andaman und so weiter Nicobar islands would be optimal choice for you. So far, these stupendous islands beget been the first preference for holidaymakers, international tourists, nature lovers, honeymooners and adventurous enthusiasts. These magnificent islands are perfect for those who preference to hedonistic sun, sea and pristine daintiness of nature. Culture and history of these islands is unique. It is believed that before independence of India, freedom fighters suffered tortures of British at this place. It is highly astonishing to view different sea creatures subsistence beneath the water. These wonderful islands have true many species of butterflies, fishes, turtles and birds which are not found in any additional part from world. This cluster or archipelago of islands has certainly enticed travelers from distal away locations to visit there. Local inhabitants feel themselves lucky that they got an opportunity to live in a gorgeous location. Out of 580 islands, approximate 40 are populated. These shimmering islands are surrounded by deep forests.

Barren Island is the most popular island which is eminent for its active volcano. There are circa 50 sort of mammals, 80 species of reptiles, 250 species of birds along with animals such as green lizards, deer, iguana, python, bizarre cats, goats and wild pigs. Flights and cruises from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam are considered as the convenient and best possible ways to reach these mesmerizing islands. Amid beach activities such as sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, surfing and swimming, voyagers can touch the beautiful corals. A vacationer feels at ease when gentle breeze of this place ruffles his hair. For those who are searching for soft sand, untouched solitude, coconut palms swaying in front and breathtaking oceanic in the backdrop, untainted sky overhead, Andaman would be an awesome destination for them. Majority of humanity living in these islands belong to Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. Within these sparkling islands, annual rainfall is more than 3200 mm. It is estimated that overall population of these spectacular islands is above 300,000. Located within Bay of Bengal, these islands are 195 km far from Myanmar, 1198 km from Chennai and 1260 km from Kolkata. Samudrika museum illustrates several aspects of oceanic environment. Fisheries museum depicts the sailor life. Fishing and agriculture are the main sources of income of inhabitants. Cutbert bay beach is a great reptile nesting ground. Neil Island is an eye-catchy island which is not many far away from the capital i.e. Port Blair.

The main sightseeing locations of Andaman further Nicobar islands are as follows:
* Radhanagar beach
* Ramnagar beach
* Harminder bay beach
* Havelock Island
* Ross Island
* Viper Island
* Elephant Island
* Science Center
* Parrot Island
* Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park
* Cellular Jail
* Laxmanpur beach
* Bharatpur beach

Apart from having these stupendous locations, these islands have crescent shaped beaches. Maximum tourists prefer to stay at Resorts in Havelock Island and Hotels in Havelock Island as they provide vast variety of facilities to patrons such as unique customer service, round the clock room service plus lip smacking multi cuisines and marine food. They are also prominent for affordable and luxury accommodation, no Hidden fee, free Internet access, capacious rooms and swimming Pools.

Off-Shore Sea Fishing

Equivalent of losing a field of money purchasing a fish every day for your meals, you might find it worthwhile to do sea fishing. Fishing can be done in lakes, river else sea. The aim of this article is to give you insight into sea fishing.

There are many ways to catch fishes from the sea. You can catch from shoreline, riverbank or boat However, there are risks involved including every method furthermore therefore, requisite a knowledgeable person to do that. Fishing from a boat, inter alia, is more convenient as it allows access to a monumental variety of species. There are still different ways to position a boat when doing this activity. Couple ways as discussed subsequently are in-shore boat and off-shore boat

In-shore boat.

Boats used are relatively small, which makes them possible to be carried by a trailer or a van vehicle. Materials secondhand to cast from the boat include rod and baits-used for larger fishes.

Off-shore boat.

This is normally called deep-sea fishing because it is done in deep water beside water level more than 30 meters deep. And moreover, it is done from a remarkably long distance from the land. However, this method is more dangerous und so weiter therefore, exigence a full care moreover experience as well. Before undertaking off-shore cat fishing, one should be careful of possible weather conditions, which may result in boat accident and therefore, drowning. Safety precautions as well should be adhered to.

Off-shore boats are larger than in-shore boats. These boats differ in designs and prices.

There are other methods like surfing and rock fishing. Surfing entails catching a fish while standing on the shoreline while monolith done on a rock.

Sea fishing comes with more benefits of infectious more fishes if you know how to catch. Same must be vigilant of danger involved with this activity, expressly when doing it off-shore. Even with in-shore canoe fishing there are some dangers posed.

Stay in a Sea Facing Hotel in Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s factor one burgeoning metropolis that is situated on the Konkan Coast. It is known for its popular urban beaches one can view the narrow Mumbai at close quarters. Read on to know more on the beaches in Mumbai and also check out some good Mumbai beach hotels.

Mumbai or Bombay situated on the western Konkan Coast of Maharashtra is India’s most influential metropolis. Its position as a very important commercial center has earned it the title of India’s commercial capital. It is ditto known for its vibrant urban beaches where the common mix with the elite. Though by rejection means the cleanest, yet the beaches of Mumbai have their own home grown charm that in itself attracts visitors in huge numbers. The colorful beaches are the local meeting place and here visitors can observe people enjoying the simple pleasures of life, taking a walk uncertainty spending private moments. The most visited and popular beaches of Mumbai are Aksa beach, Chowpatti and Juhu beach with all the three being urban beaches situated in important points in the city.

For accommodation near the beach you can easily find many good sea facing hotels in Mumbai that are often more enjoyable due to a variety of reasons. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing moreover sea breeze blowing rather than to the din and polluted ambient of the city. The proximity to the sea means you can walk up to the beach anytime you want without worrying about transportation. Added sitting in your room balcony with the cool sea breeze blowing around you is an experience that never loses its beauty furthermore pleasure. So the next time you travel to Mumbai try out a altruism beach tavern in Mumbai for a fine experience. Ancillary are two fine sea facing hotels in Mumbai where you cup have a great sea part experience.

Sea Facing Hotels in Mumbai

Hotel Ramee Juhu is one of the finest Mumbai hotels and is located very close to the Juhu Beach. It is known for its state regarding the art facilities and supereminent amicability that have earned it 4.5 stars out regarding 5 and a recommendation from 1005 of the customers. It has a wide range of dining options, swimming lagoon and Wi-Fi facility. The rooms are beautifully furnished and rates start from Rs.3500.

Hotel Oberoi is one of the best sea facing hotels in Mumbai and a premier luxury hotel. The hotels location and its iconic status have been the major draws for customers. The hotel offers a range of facilities like a pure Indian restaurant, natatory pool, internet facility, etc. The rooms are beautifully furnished and rates start from Rs.17223.

Stay in a Sea Facing Hotel in Trivandrum

Trivandrum has truly beautiful beaches and hence is a popular beach resort. Read on more to know about Trivandrum’s beaches also also check some sea facing Trivandrum hotels.

Trivandrum is located on the coast of Arabian Sea. There are several tourist spots in and around Trivandrum visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. Beaches are the main attraction from Trivandrum. Kovalam beach, located 16 km from Trivandrum is one of India’s finest and most popular beach resorts. Its spectacular beach and crystal-clear waters have made it favorite among tourists. The beach has several resorts pro re nata well as cafes and ayurveda centers. There are stalls also selling handicrafts and beachwear. Shanghumugham Beach is another popular beach located envelop to the Kovalam Beach. It is noted for its cleanliness. The vast spell of innocent sand and the joyous atmosphere, away from the crowd in the city, provides an ideal environment to relax. There is also a “Star Fish Restaurant” with eating kiosks and open expose theatre with car parking facilities. The sculpt of Jalakanyaka (queen of water) is an added attraction.

Trivandrum is served by the Trivandrum International Airport having direct connectivity to the other parts of the country and world. Trivandrum is a major station below the Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways. NH 47 also crosses from the city. If you are planning a trip to Trivandrum, it would breathe best if you consider staying in marine facing hotels in Trivandrum. One can ask why to stay in such hotels? Staying in such hotels can plus more joy in your trip. You can enjoy the vastness of sea while resting on the bed. You can also gusto the pleasant breeze coming from sea. If your room has a balcony, you can also enjoy the views of daybreak and sunset easily. In fact, you will remember this see throughout your life.

Sea Facing Hotels in Trivandrum

Palmleaves Beach Resort is one of the best sea facing hotels in Trivandrum located just 16 km from international airport. It provides the spectacular sea view. One can walk directly to the beach from the room. The view regarding eve is really amazing and memorable. A backwater and house boat is added advantage. Kadinamkulam Backwater is just 4 km. Hotel also arranges evening fishing bird watching in the sea. It has an excellent overall score of 4 stars out of 5 from 120 reviews. Room tariff is between Rs. 2384-3659.

Blue Water Beach Resort is also a good Trivandrum hotel situated besides the beautiful sea. It has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 28 reviews. The hotel offers luxurious sea facing rooms equipped with all modern features. Its multi cuisine restaurant serves mouth watering dishes. Room rates are between Rs.2500-5500.

You can check more such hotels in Trivandrum and book rooms online at

Prop Shaft Line Cutters Saving Million Boats in the Sea

Boats including ships are undoubtedly the most valuable resources of the naval industry. Hence, several technological innovations have bot invented to ensure their safety and smooth running at sea in high waters. As the boats and ships tend to face greatest unpredictable threats while in the sea, it is major to arrange for all the safety measures from beforehand. Prop shaft line cutters are considered to be important equipment, which skimp numerous boats from being damaged or stuck in the middle of the water. Let’s find out how it works and its benefits.

What are Line Cutters?

Line or net cutters system is arranged at the back of the boat and the system remains underwater. Scores a times the propellers of the boat or any other part of it which remain immersed inside the water, are exposed to jumble due to immediate presence of weeds, fishing nets, crab traps, some aquatic creatures, ropes either any other obstacles which may gain trouble for the vessel. Line cutters work in a rotating manner and cut these obstacles or entanglements effortlessly without any manual intervention. This cost-effective and highly potent stratagem is valued for its functional benefits by the mariners.

Innovation in Boat Line Cutting technology

Initially mariners and boat owners would use disc line cutters to help the propellers of their boats and vessels from being entangled. These conventional cutters for sharp teeth would nevertheless effectively cut away ropes, nets, lines, weeds, cobwebs, scraps or any other obstacles which permitted wound up with the propeller. However, the new technology line cutters come with added original solutions, as they combine the functions of sacrificial anodes and prop shaft line cutters in solitary singularity device. This combined unit provides double protection from both entanglement also corrosion. The cathode protection provided by this technique safeguards the body of your aquatic vessel.

How Does a Line Cutter Congregation Works and what are its Benefits?

If you are wondering if the zinc anode and the line cutter fit together aptly or not, here is the answer. It is practically not possible to separate out the line cutter from the zinc anode as it would take a lot about effort to pull out the zinc blade creative the unit assembly itself. This crowd when over accepted can be easily disposed ethical like any other zinc anodes, and its cost-effectiveness over other bourgeois underwater line cutters adds to its advantages.

This assembly about zinc anode and line cutter provides double protection to your vessel and its propellers from corrosion as well as entanglements. This unit is easily replaceable once the assemblage completely sacrifices itself. Installing this unit in the boat is an effortless task which would not require any professional or external assistance. One can use few tools to flock the parts of this unit to make it work. There are 2 parts concerning this unit clamped around the shaft. It is recommended to use flat head screw or Allen key head retaining screw to fasten these 2 parts of this unit together. The orderly engineered internal radius of the anode let it brooch tightly on the shaft, which also prevents the anode from spinning out of pressure.

Boat line cutters are proving to afsluiting of great requirement for professional mariners as well as private boat owners, and what can be a better board than saving your vessel from corrosion and the propellers from entanglement at the same time!

For the Workers at Sea: Points You Should Learn Regarding the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

Brave according to the Oxford Definiendum is a situation involving exposure to danger. If a express job cause utilization like heavy provisions and unimaginable sea depth, the worker will certainly get wont to risks. Despite the dangers occupations like these can bring, individuals do what they got to do. It is neither the thrill that keeps them boarding ships. It is their need to cater to their basic need of food, water, shelter and clothing that over-shadows all the hazard.
The government is mindful the numerous hazards having a job on the benthopelagic and its shores requires. Being accountable for safeguarding the well being from its people, the government searched for solutions. The retort came to them in the enactment of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act in 1927. Listed below are several essential facts on the said law.


Every worker in the maritime arena who is affected by job-related injuries or diseases is covered by this act. It has to be mentioned though that this particular law exempts seamen for their benefits have been appropriately discussed and addressed by the Jones Act. This act is created to work hand in laborer with the Jones Counterfeit in offering safety to all workers at sea.


The Longshore Execute recognizes that injuries substitute health problems impair employees from working for their living. With that, this statute calls for two-thirds of the injured worker’s weekly salary as compensation benefit while they are undergoing therapy treatment. It also entitles the worker to some award for the injury he suffered or salary for the earning he could have gotten if not for the injury.

Exactly how

Work-related injuries or health problems should be reported to the company within 30 days of its occurrence. After that, a Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation claim should be filed with the Department of Labor immanent 1 year from the date of the injury. Should companies acknowledge the claim, voluntary allowance should be made within 14 days. This act yet offers the injured worker the right to catch legal action against entities or individuals responsible for his unfortunate state.

The government, way the Longshore and Harbor Workers Indemnification Act, stretches out a helping ability to the workers at sea. They are worthy of it for being anytime so courageous and hardworking in overseeing the country’s activities at sea. For more details, check out dol. gov.